Chord removes the doubt and stress that frequently accompanies the work of training a pet. Chord coaches you through training with positive rewards based methods using an app on your mobile device. Training is personalized for you and your pet. You set the desired behaviors and commands through a question and answer interface. With Chord you are never on your own when training in your pet.

Using your mobile device, you are guided to record voice cues for your pet. The Chord training app guides you and your pet through short sessions of rewards based training. During these sessions, your pet learns to associate your voice commands with the commands being transmitted from the collar. Pets trained using our existing prototype typically begin responding to Chord issued cues during the first session.

Chord removes the doubt and stress that frequently accompanies the work of training a pet, of any age, by guiding you step by step through an adaptive training plan, using apps on your mobile device. Chord coaches you through force-free positive rewards training, which is the healthiest method for your pet, and best for your peace of mind. Good behavior is marked immediately with an affirmation such as “yes” or “good boy.” This is followed by a reward such as petting, praise, or treat. With Chord as your guide, you are never on your own when training your pet.

Behavior that is rewarded continues and behavior that is not rewarded will eventually stop. You have the ability to train your dog to remain within invisible boundaries that you define, and follow the rules you set using only positive rewards. Your pet will be safe and happy, and you will have peace of mind.

The Chord collar measures the response of your pet to training and training is adapted for your pet. You have the peace of mind of knowing that you are training and maintaining your pet’s behavior in the best and most efficient way.

The Chord wearable has speakers that play audible cues for your pet, typically the primary owner’s voice. Touch, more specifically vibration or haptic feedback has also proven to be a very effective medium for communicating with animals. The Chord collar has several vibration motors that can provide pets not only with discrete behavioral cues, but can also provide very precise directional control. As with other commands, the training application keeps your pet’s responses to haptic cues optimized with the least amount of maintenance training required.

Pet communication back to applications and humans is implemented by interpreting information received at the Chord collar including location including proximity to people and objects, movement, orientation, sound such as a bark, purr, or panting, heart rate, temperature, and visual information. This data is used to measure your pet’s response to training in addition to being vital input to countless apps.

Chord apps will coach you through a simple and gradual process of training your cat to behave in a way that best fits your lifestyle. We use information gathered directly from you, the trainer, and your cat via the Chord collar, to coach you step by small step how to train your cat.