STEM Activity Kit

We are big proponents of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Inspired by the activity kits that we have used with our children from the local library, we are creating STEM activity kits that provide hands on activities exploring animal physiology, behavior, physics, and technology using Chord and your household pet. The kit also encourages literacy and independent study with supplementary reading materials. Most importantly, we are also very excited to use the STEM Activity kit to introduce animal welfare concepts and reinforce the responsibility required to own a pet.

One Chord STEM/literacy/animal welfare learning kit donated to the library, school, or organization of your choice. This includes a personalized message of your choice on the outside of the box. The activity kits will be delivered in complete form, with a Chord Collar, complete activities workbook, materials, and books. The kit will be customizable and will include source files for all contents and so the school/library/organization can add their own branding or content as they see fit.

The picture is a notional example and the final kit will be developed during the Kickstarter project. The kit development will be led by our own Courtney Marmen, an AMS Certified Montessori teacher and mother of three, with lots of input from the our Kickstarter Backers!