Older People and Older Pets

Many who have cared for a pet in its golden years know about the difficulty communicating when a pet’s hearing and vision start to go. Chord includes haptic (vibration) and auditory (sound) feedback, which provide huge potential for improved two-way communication with our pets well into old age, as their senses deteriorate. On the flipside, Chord provides the potential to make companion pets more feasible for older pet owners and to provide assistance to older pet owners and the loved ones that watch over them. Chord enables older people and older pets to live long, enjoyable, and mutually beneficial lives together.

Chord provides a tremendous potential to improve the quality of lives of pets, and reduce the unfortunate inconveniences, that are currently just accepted as a fact of life with older pets. The ability to train our pets to respond to both haptic (vibration) and auditory (sound) feedback when they are younger provides the opportunity to improve a pet’s quality of life when it is older. For instance, an older pet that has lost both its vision and hearing can be directed by its Chord collar to come to the front door or its food bowl. Communication can also flow back in the other direction. Simply by using a motion, barking, or by detecting health vital signs (heart-rate, sniff-rate, etc.) older pets can alert us via our smartphones and other devices, such as home automation, when they need our help.

Pets can provide companionship and have an amazing positive impact on the lives of older individuals. For older pet owners, who often live alone or in group facilities, pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce depression, lessen loneliness, and increase social interaction and physical activity. That said, pets are work; Chord provides tools for the elderly and those that care for them to make pet ownership more convenient and feasible. By monitoring and tracking the health of a pet, Chord is able to detect pets in crisis and may help to more quickly warn of a potential issue with an older pet owner that is having an effect on the pet. An older pet owner’s family could monitor their pet’s Chord data via specially developed apps. If a pet has not received exercise or food, the family can assume the owner and pet are in need of some assistance. We see a world where we can help older pet owners and their furry companions and service animals lead long and healthy lives together.

By supporting our campaign, you are taking an important step to improve the quality of life of older pets and older pet owners. We are providing Chord Kickstarter backer rewards to universities, research organizations, and animal advocacy organizations as directed by the individual Chord Kickstarter Backer. Are you involved with an academic or research institution? Or a companion pet program? Please consider becoming a partner and have your group listed on our Kickstarter campaign as an organization that would like to receive Chord rewards from our Kickstarter backers to help you better achieve your goals.