Free Lost Pet Finding Service

If you have ever lost a pet, even for a short period of time, you know that terrible, panicky feeling it brings. Chord will deliver the first free community sourced pet finder.

Products on the market today aimed at finding lost pets, while filling an important need, exist to make a profit off pet owners. Owners are typically faced with paying for hardware charges upfront, plus a recurring subscription for location tracking, and/or a hefty fee to find a pet when it is lost.

This is where Chord is different. With Chord there is no data subscription and no fee when your pet is lost. We will not hit you when you are down. Your pet’s Chord wearable is equipped with GPS and runs off your home or other Wi-Fi location, and Bluetooth from your phone. If your dog leaves those two tracking areas or a set geographic boundary (that you easily create with your phone), your phone will immediately notify you; your dog’s collar will signal him to return home; the collar will flash, alerting others something is awry; and his location will be tracked by other Chord animals and owners.

The collar will emit a Bluetooth signal with pet identification and location information. This information can be received by any other Chord animal wearable or smartphone hosting a Chord app. Once a pet is reported missing and it comes within the Bluetooth range of a fellow Chord user, one of two things happen, depending on what that user elected. Either a message is sent to the fellow Chord users’ smartphone, alerting them that there is a lost pet close, providing its description, and prompting him to put an invisible leash on the pet (the lost pet owner must predetermine whether they allow their pet to be invisibly leashed). Or if that fellow Chord user does not want to be alerted, the location of the pet is still noted and is solely sent to the owner of the lost pet.

All Chord owners can decide their level of involvement in this community-sourced pet finder. This service will be used in the rare occasions of lost pets only, and will use very little battery and mobile data bandwidth.

Not only will all Chord products support this service, but the service is being built into the AndRover open source project, so anyone can enable this service on their own platform even if they do not own a Chord wearable. No more lost pets. No more extortion to find a lost pet. True, free, community-sourced, lost pet finding is all well within our reach.