How Chord Works

Chord solves all of the training and caretaking problems for cats and dogs. Apps on your phone guide you from the beginning to train your pet to respond to the Chord collar. Starting with simple commands, and using input from your pet’s collar and your phone, Chord guides you through force-free, positive rewards based training. As your pet quickly learns to respond to the ques from the collar as if they are coming from you, you can begin to use invisible fences, leashes, and other capabilities of Chord.

Chord Pet Wearable

The Chord Collar is being made in three sizes and is adjustable in order to fit most dogs and cats. We are committed to creating pet wearables, and not electronics boxes attached to a collars. Chord is stylish, rugged, comfortable, and balanced -- in all size options.

Chord collars are packed full of the latest mobile and sensor technology to allow deep and meaningful two-way communication with our pets. You communicate with your pet through personalized sound, via speakers on the collar, and touch, via several vibration/haptic feedback components specifically tuned for cats and dogs. Vibration/haptic feedback is a very effective medium for communicating with animals. The Chord collar has several vibration motors that can provide pets with discrete behavioral cues and can also provide very precise directional commands.

Chord collars include sensors for determining precise location including GPS, inertial, and other components. Microphones, thermometer, and heart rate sensors, along with location and movement information are used to monitor your pet at all times. The LED lights on the collar, along with sound, radio frequency identification, WiFi, WiFi Direct, and Bluetooth provide endless possibilities for communicating with people and electronic devices.

Pet Owner Apps

The apps on your smartphone and the Chord collar flattens the learning curve for training. We take away the doubt and save you time and money. The apps coach you and your pet through four basic commands. These four commands, selected and recorded by you for your pet, become the basis for a plurality of apps from diverse developers.

You create boundaries at home or wherever you go using a mapping app on your phone. You can select points on the map or walk the perimeter yourself. We are working on indoor beacons that will provide accuracy to four inches available in 2017, that will enable you to set up precise indoor boundaries.

Initial Chord apps allow you to monitor your pet's activity and health in addition to training and implementing boundaries. We are working on several other exciting apps and we are encourage others to create their own apps for Chord. The future is bright for you and your pet!


Chord is always working to ensure your pet is happy, healthy, and engaged. Chord does not need to be connected to a network to work and is always using onboard sensors and external signals, including GPS satellite signals, to collect information. Using this information, Chord can direct your pet using sound and vibration on the collar. You can truly be with your pet, virtually guiding them and praising them, 24/7.

Chord has more features when your pet is connected to wireless network, such as your home WiFi router. This allows information to travel from your pet’s collar, to the web, and to you wherever you are. This allows real-time monitoring and communication and opens up a world of possibilities for improving your pet’s welfare and wellbeing.

Your pet’s Chord collar can also connect directly to your mobile device. This is done using the Bluetooth and WiFi that is available on your mobile device. In addition to enabling invisible leashes and being able to send commands to your pet, your pet can access the internet using the data plan on your mobile device if there is an application or game requiring a connection that you would like to use.