It is time we applied the same health and activity monitoring available to us to our pets. Starting with basic activity monitoring, we can track how active our pets really are, and put them on track for better health. In addition to activity, we can track heart rate, breathing, temperature, and detect ultrasonic noise that may be harming our pets, in addition to correlating this data with behavior patterns.

Chord provides ample opportunities for health research with its variety of sensors, pet communication interfaces, and a well-known Android application programming interface. Web services capable of capturing aggregated data on participating pets and service animals. This data can be used for research purposes to improve the quality of life of pets and service animals.

Our ability to use the information gathered in meaningful ways will grow as we collect data from specific breeds, ages, and lifestyles. This will allow pet owners to work with veterinarians to provide more preventive care and head off more health problems before they become serious and expensive.