Your Pet Cat

There is a misconception that cats cannot be trained, they are too independent, blah blah blah. Rubbish. The fact is, all animals, whether it is a dog, a cat, or an elephant, learn in the same way. Animals learn by association. When they are rewarded for a certain behavior, they will do that behaviour more often. You and your cat can fully realize all the convenience and capability that Chord offers.

The principles of training a specific behavior, e.g. a recall, are exactly the same with a cat as they are with a dog. The key is knowing what the individual animal considers "a reward". So the first step to training a cat is to find out what they find rewarding, be that play, a certain food treat, etc. The other consideration is how long the animal will work for before becoming bored. It's usually best to keep training sessions short, usually a couple of minutes, to keep their interest. Short sessions are typically best for cats, especially as they are typically less accustomed to interacting with their owners in that way (compared to a dog) and may find training tiring initially.

Chord apps will coach you through a simple and gradual process of training your cat to behave in a way that best fits your lifestyle. We use information gathered directly from you, the trainer, and your cat via the Chord collar, to coach you step by small step how to train your cat.