Animal Lovers

Ever wonder if your pet was getting enough exercise? If your pet was healthy? If your pet was safe? Ever wish you had more time to work consistently training your pet? Did you ever think you could stop your pet from doing that thing you absolutely hate? Ever want to communicate better with your older pet? Chord can help! Chord collar will provide better, constant communication between you and your pet. One day soon, you just might know what your pet is thinking and vice versa. And,oh the games we could play together.

Chord is transforming how we communicate with our pets. Chord improves the lives of pets and service animals by finding lost pets, improving training, and enabling the best health monitoring of pets and even their owners. The consistent training backed by data, research, and application made possible by Chord makes a well behaved pet obtainable, more convenient, less costly, and within less time! We are working on new apps and products to provide work, more specifically mentally and physically challenging tasks, to keep our pets engaged and allow them to thrive when we are not at home.

There is also an enormous potential to create new games to get both the owner and pet more active and engaged. By supporting our campaign, you are choosing to improve the quality of life of pets and owners. We are providing Chord Kickstarter backer rewards to animal advocacy organizations as directed by the individual Chord Kickstarter Backer. Are you involved with an animal advocacy or similar organization? Please became a partner and have your group listed on our campaign as an organization that would like to receive Chord rewards from our Kickstarter backers to help you better achieve your goals.